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Burning Rubber 3 is a 3D flash racing game with unbelievable graphics.

Burning Rubber 3

Burning Rubber 3 starts in America and you will have to unlock 4 other continents and see which new races you can be a part of. At first, you will be able to race in two cities and each one will offer two types of races: battle and rampage. If you choose battle, you will have to finish first and destroy your enemies; if you choose rampage, you will have to fire your weapons at everything you see and reach the target score by inflicting enough damage to the city. As you progress, new racing modes will appear. Before you start each race, you can equip your car with some weapons, but you will need to unlock most of them. You can also add body kits and engine upgrades if you want to improve your performance. In Burning Rubber 3, the car can be controlled with the directional keys and your weapons can be fired by pressing the Z and X keys. You can collect items if they appear on the road. Some of them will give you a speed boost, others will repair your car and you can even find cash rewards.

In the end, Burning Rubber 3 is a complex racing game and you will play it for a couple of days until you reach the final race. Luckily, you can save your progress and return whenever you want.